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Use it or lose it!

“Use it or lose it”, and “JUST DO IT” are two of the most telling sayings that I know, by Dr. Vincent Bellonzi.

Make a list of all the excuses that you can, then call Nike and they will say JUST DO ITTrademark Registration



Cochlear implants are demonstrating the plasticity of the nervous system click here for story. It seems that if you use nerves by being physically or mentally more active the nervous system responds. Sometimes extra electrical stimulation is added such as in this study. However the stimulation of adaptation through use is a very powerful force. When nerves are used there is more trophic flow. The nerve pathways utilized turn into freeways as the nerve literally develops. The nerves grow larger and develop better myelin and are able to transmit much better and more consistent signals. This is how we learn, by improving nerve structure with use.  There are numerous studies with stroke patients where new nerves are formed and the body can compensate as well as rebuild. Muscles of course are plastic growing in size and increasing their power.  There is also improvement of tendons and ligaments. Bones actually structurally improve. Most important energy production goes up with use as mitochondria enlarge in capacity and actual size, even increasing in their number.  Human organs improve with use as well.

Without use degeneration occurs. The body accelerates aging. Yes the body can be overwhelmed with too much of anything; However using the body slows and addresses that aging process. For example the current theory of aging is damage occurring from REDOX reactions, or what are commonly referred to as free radicals. That is why the concept of anti-oxidants is popular for supplements. The best antioxidants though, come from the body itself, compounds like glutathione and SOD. The fact is, I make free radicals which could damage or “AGE” me when I exercise. If you look at the big picture though, when I exercise, my body makes these antioxidants to compensate, usually a higher quantity than I needed for the free radical compensation.  Nature already figured it out!

Who will raise the children?

Hitler youth 4Who will raise the children? There is a new study out which claims that it is not really an advantage to have a parent who helps with their child’s homework.  There are other studies which conclude that parents really don’t make the right decision when it comes to their children’s health. There are studies that support parental involvement. When parents talk to children about school, expect them to do well, and make sure that out of school activities are constructive, the children perform better in school.    Some studies conclude that people without kids are happier.  Yet another study concluded that the government (administrators and politicians ) were better able to instruct the children on how to live their lives. Should we just give up our children to the state?

I am not a proponent of this brave new world where everyone thinks the same and is taught to act the same, and believe the same.  It is true that we have lost much of the old knowledge which was passed on from generation to generation? Single parents try to raise kids on their own without extended family. Legislative and political pressure has taken many of the choices away. If children are not raised conforming to all the rules and laws they are more easily taken away from their parents. Who is to say that the “state”, or even the pediatrician, really know best. What happened to mother or father know best.  I hope parents don’t stop teaching their children what it takes for wellness.  What it takes for optimal well-being, not just a better test score.

Unfortunately parents have slowly given over the care of their children to the experts. Many of the experts really do not have a clue what is healthy and good for children. The biggest problem that I see is that society in general has lost sight of the individual so that we can all get along. Pills, surgery, vaccinations and medical procedures take precedence in our society. I am saddened by the fact that many people do not know what it is to feel healthy and well, we just accept that we are told that “this is it” or “the best we can expect at this age”.  This is good for the “herd mentality” where everyone gets in line. Let’s work to be well despite what “they say”.

Are you Sleeping?


Are you sleeping well or just getting by? Insomnia, hyposomnia, sleep apnea and other diagnoses describe the situations where people lack adequate sleep, both quality and quantity. Without sleep there is an acceleration to the problems often associated with aging.  Sleep is restorative and although you can get away with less sleep to survive a busy schedule, pretty soon you cannot repay the debt. Insomnia can be transient, intermittent or chronic. Lack of sleep can be a problem unto itself, or the result of a bigger issue. In either case not getting that golden 7.5 hours with 3 cycles of REM sleep will affect all of us. It comes associated with depression or just the result of poor sleep hygiene. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, hunger can keep you up.  However not making a date with the bed to spend time in the dark and quiet can be enough to disrupt rest.

First of all keep a consistent sleep schedule and try not to watch TV or computer screens right before sleep. Magnesium can be a great sleep aid and works well with GABA as magnesium makes the body more responsive to this neurotransmitter. Vitamin B-12, especially methylcobalamin, was shown to restore sleep cycles. Tryptophan, especially in the for m of 5-HTP can work well for sleep. Especially effective to increase serotonin. Then of course there is melatonin which is the hormone that helps us maintain sleep. A little melatonin before sleep and again if awakened during sleep will often restore the sleep cycle. Cortisol and epinephrine keep us awake so they need to be minimized at night.

Glycine, about three grams taken at night works for many people and it also helps us to detoxify. There are also adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea, Valerian, ashwaganda, Kava, Relora and other herbs can be helpful. In any case baby, let sleeping dogs lie if it steals your sleep.





Healthy skin, healthy you

beautiful-skin-saidaonlineYour skin is an indicator of overall health.  If you see aging and damaged skin, then it is a reflection of what is going on inside. If you want to have beautiful, glowing skin then don’t smoke or even be around smokers. Limit the alcohol as well. When collagen is damaged then you lose tone and structure to skin ( bones, muscles, ligaments and tendon structure too). Smoking damages the collagen and actually “cooks” the skin damaging it with heat. Alcohol dehydrates and damages skin as well.

Clean the skin but use mild soaps and lukewarm water. Keep your cosmetics clean and simple for best results. Don’t leave cosmetics on the skin overnight and avoid using alcohol and chemicals on the skin surface. Get plenty of good quality sleep. This is when your skin can really regenerate. Get enough sun to make Vitamin D (a hormone that prevents skin damage and cancer, but not so much sun exposure  that you damage the skin. Avoid tanning salons and watch the amount of time spent “sunbathing”.

Short, somewhat cooler water showers, are preferable to long hot showers even though hydrotherapy has benefits especially for detoxification.  Clean the skin occasionally with a loofah or dry skin brush to encourage new skin and remove old cells. The skin should be slightly acid. A fresh lemon rub (grapefruit is great for rough skin on knees or elbows) on the skin can be helpful as well.

Exercise for a good sweat and better circulation.

Rose, Sandlewood, bergamot and other essentials work great if diluted in water and sprayed on the skin. Good nutrition is tantamount to living in a healthy skin. Nutrients enter the skin from inside and out. Get plenty of natural Vitamon A, vitamin C, zinc and other nutrients. Stay away from the junk food. Many even contain preservatives and chemicals which will stop the skin from renewing and being healthy. Eat fresh foods high in antioxidants and good fats.

That you don’t know what you’ve got

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Til it’s gone

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This is so true when it comes to wellness and health. American society and Allopathic medicine  have trained people in many ways to ignore their health. I hear of medical doctors telling people that there is nothing wrong with them if the limited testing that is done is in the laboratory range. However, what if you don’t feel quite right or you experience symptoms? Is it really all in your head? I spoke with a patient that was told by her medical doctor that “unless you have a recognized disease, your insurance will not pay and there is nothing that I can do for you”. Another medical doctor tells a patient that “it does not matter what you do, you will be on the medications I prescribe for the rest of your life”. Doctors tell patients that they don’t “do nutrition”, and anyway it does not matter what you eat”. “Nutritional supplements are a waste of money, or don’t exercise, it will hurt you, or The reason you don’t feel good has nothing to do the the medication I prescribed you.”
The best one I heard recently was that “people are basically lazy, non-compliant, and even if they improve their own health it is better to keep them medicated for their own good”. Really? I don’t agree. However I have to admit that most people believe that they cannot live without medication, and that eventually they will lose health and need medical management. Wellness is optimal biological function and no disease.  What the medical-Industrial complex has taught though, is not to concern ourselves about “wellness” but to “wait and see” until disease is apparent and symptoms can be used to render the diagnostic label and finally determine the treatment. A much better Idea, with thanks to Joni Mitchell, is to work on not getting sick, therefore saving health before it’s all gone.

Health Revolution

revolutionary-war-031The time has come for a health revolution. People have become overly dependent on a medical/industrial complex that makes promises it can never deliver on. As the result of the media, we are all in a state of panic.  The average person believes that they cannot exist without medical managed care. Medication and treatment facilities are designed to be used when things are out of our control. My issue is that we are being told that we really control nothing ourselves, while science is demonstrating that we actually control 50-80% and more. Conventional medicine is a wait and see mentality. You feel a little out of sorts and proceed to seek out a health professional. The “professional” cannot find anything  and tells you that this indicates there is nothing wrong. What ends up happening is that you are told to wait and be observed. When your condition progresses into something identifiable, then you are given a diagnosis and treatment is initiated. This has nothing to do with prevention or wellness, it is simply management of disease.

It is not possible for a doctor to pronounce you to be well, and have it be so. Doctoral pronouncements only work when you are dead. Wellness is optimal physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Believing that something outside of your own choices and strategies will make you well is an illusion. Wellness is not a cholesterol under 200, or a blood pressure of 120/80.  The doctor can only label and then aggressively manage an existing disease or diagnosis. Wellness, or getting your body to work properly, is up to you. In fact if you get your body working properly, and match your lifestyle  (epigenetics), to your DNA(a response and adaptation mechanism), you do not tend to have a condition which requires treatment. People need to know how much power they have to be free. Again, wellness means optimal function, no pill can give that to you.


Tobacco and smoking are in the news. The biggest drug retailer, CVS (the story), will stop selling tobacco products. I don’t know of much good we can say about smoking; however, people used to have the freedom to make their own choices. The government is applauding this move,  and I say that it is fine for a retailer to sell what they choose to. One thing that bothers me though is that the government and “health advocates” have voiced the opinion that selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in the same location, and I quote “Pharmacies have faced years of criticism from health advocates for juxtaposing tobacco items with medical products.” This of course is based on the assumption that everything else in the pharmacy is healthy.


I have nothing against CVS, or drugs, or urgent care clinics; however to assume that you will find health in a pharmacy is an illusion perpetuated by the drug manufacturers, the media and by many doctors. Health and wellness are produced when the human body is functioning properly.  You can’t get health from a doctor, or from a bottle of pills. Proper function is produced through the consumption of real food (which I rarely find in the megapharmacies which are more closely related to convenience stores in their variety of choice), by proper physical activity and the minimization of exposure to foreign molecules.  It is found in your lifestyle choices and maybe a farmer’s market.

I am not proposing that we get rid of medication. I am saying that meds and drugs are tools for medical management which is sometimes necessary, but not health promoting. The “Drug Store” is not a health store. It is the retail arm for the distribution of tools for medical management of chronic disease. It is not preventive medicine, and it is certainly not designed to produce wellness.  Between mandated vaccination, mandated insurance and misinformation, who are they really looking out for?


The Wisdom of Health

eating-healthy-300x225The wisdom of health, verses the education of disease. The person who is wise knows how to stay healthy and well. The person who is educated about disease learns how to manage it. As a society we have traded self reliance and common sense for the promises of the “experts” Allopathic medicine has always been about naming the disease and then focusing on the signs and symptoms of that condition.  Maybe Grandma was right and you need prevention, rest and a simple remedy. Rest, love and caring with common sense. Nowadays you “need” the latest medication and a doctor or specialist. Many mothers don’t really know what to do and feel that they might be liable if they make the wrong decision and don’t rush to the emergency room or urgent care center. If you believe the media, you’re gonna die without the flu vaccine.

But the media and big companies will make you pay a price for the modern care. “Do gooders” and Lawyers are ready to pounce on you if you try to manage on your own. If the system is so good why are so many more people getting fat and dealing with disease? Grandma knew that carbohydrates would make you fat.  It was the experts that decided that a calorie was a calorie no matter where it came from. It was the Experts that perpetuated the myth that fat makes you fat. Eat less and exercise more, just balance the equation. But the equation does not work. In fact the “experts have led us into a processed, modified, adulterated diet that creates the inflammatory processes which produce disease. Heart disease is inflammation.

In the 1950′s, the wisdom was that obesity was a predisposition to put on weight when the body was confronted with floury and feculent substances(potatoes, bread, cereals, pastas and sugar). Even Dr. Spock who was famous for teaching people how to raise children noted that  “the amount of plain starchy foods taken is what determines , in the case of most people, how much they gain or lose”. The wisdom of prevention versus the education about disease. Consume the modern diet and you will need the doctor. Eat your vegetables “real food” and all you need is love.

Treating Stress

bearexThe best strategy for treating stress is exercise. In fact physical activity solves many physical problems. There are also drugs for stress, and I really want you to look at where drugs come from. Many times, they are standardized forms of active chemicals found in plants. There are many examples where the original plant extract is safer, and perhaps overall a better choice since they can ease you into a more relaxed state, but also normalize the body. For this reason they are referred to as “adaptogens”.   Medication tends to focus on a target and force submission through altering function. I usually prefer a gentler approach and less interference to health.  For example the Russian herb Rhodiola rosea can help revive and calm youy body and mind,  helping adaptation to mental and physical stress. Adaptogens are also non-toxic and cause no significant side effects. Ginseng tends to reduce stress related hormones and at the same time improves stamina and relieves fatigue.  Eleuthero and reishi mushrooms improve immune function. Ashwaganda helps decrease damage to the body caused by stress. It also reduces cholesterol (a stress hormone itself) and alleviates the damage sugar can do. It may even lengthen telomeres and slow aging.

Schisandra berries have been seen to improve memory and cognition. They even improve digestion. These adaptogens tend to have a more positive effect on the whole body, allowing to return to more healthy function.  The drugs, like anti-anxiolytics, impair function and tend to promote more disease. Rhodiola was used by vikings to improve strength and stamina and this has been proved out in a number of studies. It has verified positive effects on mood and memory and even benefits the heart and circulatory system. Try a little adaptogen therapy, deep breathing and take a walk or do other physical activity to alleviate the negative impact of stress. Stress is good if we learn how to use it. Add some quality sleep and you have likely solved most of your anxiety.

The animals you consume

cowAre the animals you consume for food healthy themselves? If you eat animal products, then you have the advantage of all the nutrients gathered by a healthy animal.

You consider yourself a healthy eater? You eat your share of meat and vegetables, but are you eating real food? The beef that most people buy at the supermarket is really a factory farmed, industrial food  like substance. Yes, you are consuming cattle; however these cattle are nothing like the ones we used to eat. In our not so distant past young cows were born in the spring  and in their first few months were given natural, unadulterated milk right from their mothers teats. The young calf first eight bites of fresh grass and once weaned from their mothers were turned out onto pastures where they could consume grass and grow naturally. The calves grew to maturity and were ready for market once they reached 2 to 3 years of age. After the animal was slaughtered, it was properly prepared, kept cool and the meat was allowed to age. The meat was shipped in large cuts to your local butcher and you were able to choose to individual cuts.  This meat contained no antibiotics, exogenous hormones, feed additives,, flavor enhancers, carbon dioxide, or injected saltwater solutions. Mad cow disease and resistant bacteria were not an issue.

In today’s industrialized farming cattle are slaughtered in just 1 to 2 years. The meat contains much less in the way of nutrients but more in the stress hormones, bacterial contaminants and other chemical pollutants. The beef contains hormones,, antibiotics,, and other chemicals  not produced by the cow. The meat has to be enhanced and colored to look appetizing.  The protein structure and fat content tend to be altered and unhealthy, as was the animal while alive. You will soon be buying even cloned cattle,  which are different from those naturally bred, as well as “scientifically produced  in vitro meat”. Scientists have actually been able to create a hamburger like protein from a few cells in a test tube. These animals are designed to eat grass. Instead many cows in our modern day never even see grass growing and are fed GMO produced, subsidized grain products to fatten them. They are injected with hormones and given hormone implants to promote  faster growth, but there is much controversy as to whether these animals are healthy themselves. Should we consume unhealthy animals? I think I’ll continue to seek out grass fed, normally raised, healthy animals.